Who Can File for Arbitration?

Who Can File for Arbitration?

Stone Bonner & Rocco LLP ("SBR") represents investors, businesses and merchants in litigation and arbitration of disputes regarding complex areas of law ranging from securities law to hedge funds. Depending on the subject matter of the dispute, and the contract governing the relationship of the parties, arbitration may be the best, or required, option for resolution.

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The primary concern for having standing to file for arbitration is that a measurable financial loss has been suffered by the individual wishing to file.

Beyond this initial requirement, the conditions for pursuing arbitration depend on the circumstances, and in some cases, the subject matter, of the dispute. For example, arbitration is commonly used in securities disputes, given the option for arbitration available under the association governing securities transactions, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) when certain criteria for eligibility are met.

Further, when a dispute or other legal matter arises out of a contract that contains an arbitration agreement, any party subject to the contract is entitled to file for arbitration against other parties to the contract. Such is often the case in both domestic and international commercial contracts.

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