Experienced Commercial Litigation Attorneys Serving Clients Nationwide

Stone Bonner & Rocco LLP ("SBR") regularly represents clients in a diverse range of complex commercial litigation and arbitration. We prosecute and defend high-stakes claims in state and federal trial and appellate courts and before arbitral bodies. Our commercial litigation clients include public and private corporations of all sizes, individual and institutional investors, entrepreneurs, small business owners and venture capital funds.

Our attorneys possess vast experience representing clients' interests at every stage of the litigation and arbitration process, from pre-suit investigation through trial and appeal. The firm's dedication to producing first-class work product in an economical manner has enabled us to produce excellent results for our clients in complex matters.

While most people associate contingency fee arrangements primarily with personal injury and class action litigation, SBR frequently represents clients on a contingent or mixed hourly/contingent basis in a wide variety of commercial litigations. In addition, SBR often structures its fee arrangements with its defendant clients to provide for lower hourly rates and success fees should the firm achieve agreed-upon results. These flexible fee arrangementsdirectly align the firm's financial interests with those of its clients.

Our lawyers as counsel for plaintiffs and defendants in commercial litigations involving:

  • Shareholder disputes arising from mergers and acquisitions
  • Merger partners' failure to satisfy product development obligations
  • Partnership disputes
  • Violations of federal and state antitrust and unfair competition laws
  • Venture capital investments
  • Allegations of securities fraud and breaches of fiduciary duty by corporate officers and directors, fund managers, brokerages and stockbrokers
  • Contractual disputes arising from commercial real estate investments, drug and medical device development agreements, purchases of industrial equipment and joint venture agreements
  • Business tort litigation and arbitration

SBR is committed to achieving favorable results for its clients nationwide in the most expedient and economical manner possible. Contact our firm online or by calling 212-239-4340 to schedule a consultation.