International Commercial Litigation and Arbitration

Experienced Lawyers Representing Foreign Investors

Stone Bonner & Rocco LLP ("SBR") frequently represents foreign and domestic clients in complex internationalcommercial litigation and arbitration in the U.S. We have represented and advised non-U.S. banks, mutual funds, hedge funds, technology companies, and others in a wide variety of complex litigations, commercial arbitrations, and in bankruptcy and fund liquidation proceedings.

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New York Foreign Investor Lawyers, Protecting the Integrity of Global Trade

As members of the World Investor Lawyer Network (WIN), whose mission is to ensure the integrity of global markets,* our attorneys work closely with top law firms in Europe and around the world. Examples of the matters we have handled with overseas lawyers include:

  • Foreign investor representation in securities litigation or securities arbitration
  • International partnership or shareholder disputes
  • Representation of foreign clients' interests when investing in U.S. markets

SBR is also frequently retained by non-U.S. lawyers and law firms, and their clients, to assist with investigations and to conduct discovery in aid of international commercial litigation proceedings.

In our case In re Lernout & Hauspie Speech Products NV Securities Litigation (D. Mass.), SBR served as co-lead counsel in cases brought against former executives, auditors and bankers of a bankrupt Belgian software company, and obtained settlements in excess of $180 million for class members, which constituted one of the largest recoveries ever for investors in a bankrupt company. In addition, a $115 million settlement with auditors was the third largest securities class action involving an accounting firm at the time of the settlement; and the $60 million recovery from the bank which served as Lernout & Hauspie's principal financier was one of the largest settlements secured for class members against a secondary actor.

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